Joe Jordan, a guest speaker, was an experience that everyone needs to have. I felt so welcomed, and warm in his presence. The Spirit of the Lord was definitely in the house of Spirit One CC. Joe Jordan is truly an anointed individual and you can tell he has truly been blessed. After being present around him, my level of joy has went up significantly. Praise God!

Rikita Griffin

Hello, My name is Cheryl Wood, my husband Terry and I have been coming here
to church for a little over 2 months now. And it's a privilege for me to
give "my testimony" of how merciful and patient and loving our Lord is.
Blessed be His name. Amen.

Now some of you don't know, is that I came here in 2000. I was at Spirit One
for a couple of weeks and I walked away from church and from God then
because, of life stresses at that time but, He kept calling me back,
patiently wooing me. But, it took many churches and many years to finally,
what I call "submit" to Him and humble my self.

I am no stranger to church, I was born and raised in a Pentecostal church
but, never submitting my self totally to Him until, now.

I remember I was on my knees, praying to Him "that if He was still calling
me to go back to the place where He called me in 2000 to go, then my husband
will come in and will tell me that he wants us to go to "Spirit One" and
just as I finished this prayer to God, in walks my husband, telling me
"Honey today I think we'll try this Church that you went to in 2000." and
WOW!!, now that's what I call "an instant answer!"

Now, I had in 2000 been baptized in the Holy Spirit but, never really
practiced worshipping Him in Spirit and in Truth.(John 4:23) I have now,
since coming to church been trying to worship Him in Spiritual tongues and
haven't been able to. Knowing that the Pastor would call to us to come,
"those who needed and wanted to be baptized in the Holy Spirit." I know a
many people that don't understand what "these tongues" are or "what is going
on when one receives the baptism in the Holy Spirit".
All I can say, its like the Pastor said one Sunday, "Why only have part of
Him, when we can have ALL of Him." ALL He has to offer to us. I wanted that
in 2000 and I want that now! But instead of raising my hand and coming
forward, I didn't go forward for many various reasons and no reason was good
enough, I assure you. But still, to be "Refreshed in Him," was what I
needed, what I had longed for but, no one knew it. Only God knew my heart.

Last Sunday, I knew that I was going to go forward to be prayed for because
of pain in my stomach. I know in the bible it says in Matthew 18:20 "Where 2
or 3 are gathered together in His name, there He is in the midst of them."
And also that in James 5:14 it says "Is anyone sick among you? let him call
for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him..."
So, I went forward and met with Abby and another Lady, "sorry I know not her
name." But I told her what I needed and we started praying and Abby was
speaking in tongues and so was the other lady and as soon as we touched
hands, a shock went through my being from my hands to my feet and I began to
speak boldly in tongues and Interpretation followed out of my mouth. I heard
words coming out of my mouth and knew it wasn't my words but His words. Now
I had been praying to speak in His tongues with interpretation to follow and
this is also what Peter spoke about in 1 Corinthians 14:13 "Wherefore let
him that speaketh in an unknown tongue pray that he may interpret." And my
friends ....when I had returned to my seat I testify the truth of our Living
Savior that all my pain that I had suffered with was completely gone
instantly.....Instantly! Amen!! Thank you. ~ Cheryl Wood


Since Attending Spirit One in the past year and a half I have been delivered of grand mal seizures, and all depression.  I used to be very medicated, and now I don’t have to take any medication.


                                             Nancy Harrold

  "Pastor Mark, Today's message was one of the most powerful messages I have heard. It's impact began during the PowerPoint presentation and just overwhelmed me in the quiet minutes afterward. Barbara had a miscarriage between our first and second child. As we drove home today talking about the sermon and how God spoke to each of us through that message that we realized that we have always said we have five children. We don't. God gave us six and the one we will see in heaven is perfect (Barbara's description). Thanks for being obedient and gutsy enough to the give the message God had for us today."
-Dennis Kear, Sr.01/18/04

 “Today I was prayed for my left knee and chest pains. I can move my left leg back and forth and my chest does not hurt at all. Praise God =)”
-April Juarez 02/23/04


 “Came forward for the healing of my side over my right kidney. When I went back to my seat I was feeling much better. When Pastor Mark asked of those who were healed, how many were 50-100% better, I am not 100% better, but a work in progress. I’m about 60% better.”
-Dotty Goar 02/22/04


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